Kevin, I’ve finally managed to download the photos through our archaic internet link – my God, I am so very, very, very glad that we found you. The photos are absolutely incredible – it’s lovely to be reminded of how beautiful everything was and how much fun we and our guests had.

You have captured such a diversity of events, facial expressions (!) and moods, and it is a surprisingly complete account of our day – thank you for covering everything so well.My mother, I know, will laugh like a drain at those of her, but the ones of my father are very moving. As a family, we don’t seem to do so well at the posed photographs .Thanks also for taking so many of our friends – it does make me wonder what a gamble it must be for you, not knowing who is especially important – but you have captured everything.

I’m surprised at how many wonderful ones you have of Dom and I – it really reinforces to me why we wanted reportage, but some of the posed ones have come out incredibly well, haven’t they? Melissa