Dear Kevin,

We don’t know where to start: these photographs of our Cogges Farm wedding are sensational. It was amazing looking through them all (a million times!) last night, and it brought back so many incredible emotions from the day. I cannot believe how you have captured so many fantastic moments, and in addition, have picked out so many other details from the wedding day cards in my flat to the table settings in the barn. And the photographs of the inside of the church – wow! I have never seen pictures of the inside of that church that do the people and the building justice, but you have captured the grandeur of the building and yet the intimacy of our ceremony… and the light! The light that came into the window as we were saying the prayers was a gift from above (we couldn’t even see it from where we were at kneeling at the front) and you caught that fantastically.

These are pictures we will have for the rest of our lives and will help us to sustain the already amazing memories we have of the day. You are a miracle worker, and it felt like you knew what our day was all about from start to finish. Thank you so much.

We knew we’d managed to nab a brilliant wedding photographer, but you deserve a thousand more accolades than my words can do justice to.

Hope to meet you again sometime! – Jenni and Jake