Dora the Explorer: Image of the Week #12

Back Story:
This is a personal image, of my daughter Rosa.  It was a snapshot I took a couple of weeks back on the Fuji X100.  The camera is pretty much always around, and I’ve got hundreds of shots of the kids doing their thing.  There was something that attracted me to this image though.  In fact, there were a few things;  The fact that she was playing with her toy iPad (Leap Pad) struck me a little as she is very proficient with my “proper” iPad.  The concentration level at what turned out to be a successful attempt at getting Dora the Explorer across the pond, the framing of the image with the curtains and the nonchalant way she was sat on the windowsill with her feet up on the radiator.  This image pretty much sums up my gorgeous little daughter in one frame.

Camera: FujiFilm FinePix X100
Shutter: 1/60th Second
Aperture: f/2.0
ISO: 320
Flash: Did not fire
Focal Length: 23mm

The image of course is not technically perfect.  The pixel peepers would have a field day.  The background is blown out and I had to use a positive exposure compensation of 1.5 stops to get Rosa into the scene accurately.   I played with a couple of different crops but settled on having Rosa pretty much central to the scene.  The photo has been tweaked in Lightroom and the black and white adjustment done manually in Photoshop CS5.  I’ve added some grain and a vignette too.  A little burning has been done in the curtain area.

The Finished Photograph:

Image shot on a Fuji X100