Although my core business is documentary wedding photography, I offer other forms of photography services – which are all focused on the filmatic documentary style that I like to employ in my wedding photography.

Baby Photography

Early  days at home with the baby are emotional too, and often, it’s the documentary of this time of your lives that is missing from the family album.  This type of photography generally involves me hanging around with you at home, for a couple of hours, and simply documenting you, the new arrival and your family.  I find the best time for this is usually early evening when the baby is relaxed, perhaps feeding or fed and the close bond between the parents often comes to light.  You will get a lovely set of fine art black and white print of this very special time.

Commercial Documentary Photography

I offer commercial documentary photography to clients across the UK.  This entails real-life photography of your business, operations or practices.  Often used for marketing, PR and brochures.

Please contact me at any time to discuss the above services.