The Delivery: Image of the Week #16

Back Story:
I have been using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 at a lot of weddings recently and this is the first image from that camera to be featured on my Image of the Week page.  I have recently completed a review of the camera from a wedding photographers point of view for Professional Photographer magazine.  The review is in the June 2012 issue and as of today I believe is in the shops.  I go into a lot of detail about the camera and how I found it for wedding photography.

The featured image here was actually shot at yesterdays wedding in Clearwell Castle.  I don’t normally dip into editing weddings straight away but I really wanted to see how this image panned out (‘scuse the pun).  I had been waiting for the speeches to start and noticed the procession of dinner staff bringing in the desert.  As a documentary photographer, every aspect of a wedding that could be deemed “part of the story” is potentially an image so I wanted to capture it.  What interested me the most was the movement of the girls delivering the food.  I could have shot this image using a fast shutter speed and got a fairly dull image but wanted to get that movement captured.

In order to do this I  needed to slow the shutter right down, and to try and get the girl in focus I needed to pan with her as she moved passed me.

Camera:  Fujifilm X-Pro1

Lens:  XF18mm F2
Shutter: 1/15th Second
Aperture: f/2.0
ISO: 640
Flash: Did not fire


My standard Black and White with a small amount of grain added.  The vignette was added after the warm tone.  No cropping.  The image is sharp on the girl and blurred in the background via in camera techniques.  The image has been produced from a JPG using the Velvia emulation in the camera.  At the time of writing this, Lightroom still does not support RAW files from the Fuji X-Pro1.

A photograph taken with a Fuji X-Pro1 at a wedding