Maja / 8 months / A day in the life

Last June I had the honour and privileged to photograph the caesarian birth of little Maja.

It was lovely to hear back from Agata, Maja’s mum recently and we arranged for me to head back to London to spend some time with the family and shoot a “Day in the Life” story.

My “Day in the Life” stories are just that, story telling images of a day, or a few hours.

Everybody has a story, every day…..and capturing those special stories forever I think is so important, especially for the little ones.

In many years to come, Agata, Maja and Robert will look back at these images, and the birth story images and remember these times together.

I love them, thank you so much! Again exactly what I was hoping for. And more.
How is it that you make me cry every time you show me the photos you took of us? :-)” – Agata

Later in the week I will publish some stills from the shoot.

Please sit back, turn the music up and press play.  Oh, and feel free to share via Social Media if you enjoyed it 🙂