Cripps Barn Wedding Photography of Kate & Alex

When Kate and Alex came to see me to discuss their Cripps Barn Wedding Photography I immediately knew their wedding would be, quite simply, lovely.

Bridal Prep

Kate and Alex are one of those couples that you just know live for each other and the love and emotion throughout their day back in March was quite evident throughout.

As is often the case, I started my duties with bridal preparation photography at The Village Pub, Barnsely where Kate and her mum, dad and bridesmaids were getting ready.

A short drive took me back to Cripps Barn where a relaxed Alex and his brother were waiting for the guests to arrive.  The weather was good, the groom was happy and the bride was looking gorgeous so we were all set.

The Wedding

I’ve shot a lot of wedding photography at Cripps Barn over the last five or six years, but I can honestly say each one is different.

This is testament to the great staff and Anne-Marie, the wedding co-ordinator who makes every couple feel very special (as they are of course).

Kate arrived in a bubble of smiles and only then, from my privileged position at the front of the ceremony room, did I detect a small amount of nerves from Alex.

All gone in an instant though as Kate and her dad walked down the aisle towards the waiting Alex.  Afterwards, whilst the happy couple exited, you could sense the happiness crackling between them.

Friends and family congratulated them of course, before a magician took to the room and pretty much amazed everyone – including me (how he got the five pound note inside the lemon is beyond my comprehension).

Since my last visit to Cripps Barn wedding photography opportunities, especially from a documentary point of view, has changed somewhat with the introduction of a new purpose built wedding breakfast room and barn which looks great.

Some of you who read this blog often will know I’m a sucker for touch, eye contact and emotion.  This wedding was driven by this and when I left after the speeches I just new that Kate and Alex would have an amazing remainder of their day, honeymoon and life together.

What Kate and Alex said about their Cripps Barn Wedding Photography:

Hi Kevin,

Honeymoon was amazing thanks, we only got back later Monday night, so still not back into the swing of things yet. But was lovely to get this email straight off the plane, great timing!

The photos are amazing thank you so much – I can’t stop looking at them, which is not great for my productivity at work! It is so lovely to see everyone having such a great time, you have really captured some beautiful moments, moments that I would have loved to have seen, but obviously as there is only one of me missed.

We will get back to you shortly with the ones that we would like to use in our album.



As usual a small selection of my favourites from Kate and Alex’s Cripps Barn Wedding Photography.  Please feel free to share on social media, or comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

If you are considering Cripps Barn for your wedding, then please do get in touch.

Bridal Flowers

Bridal Makeup

A helping hand into the dress

Cripps Barn Wedding Photography - Proud Mum

Bride arrives at Cripps Barn.

Cripps Barn Wedding Photography - Bride and Dad arrive at Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn Wedding Photography - Bride and dad walk down the aisle

A very happy bride and groom,

Bride and Groom embrace

A very happy couple

The bride's veil

Granny congratulates the Bride

Mum celebrates with bride

Funky Guests

Wedding Magician

It is funny

A sneaky smoke

More guests laughing

Tender touch

Bride and Groom arrive at breakfast

Father of the bride speech

The tearful bride

Grooms speech

Bride laughing

The wedding cake