Confetti – Why I love this picture

This a second image in the “Why I love this picture” series from Jemma and Martyn’s wedding in December.

This image, however, was taken moments after they exited the ceremony room at Dulwich College – as a married couple.

As a wedding photojournalist, the “Confetti throw” is often a very exciting part of the day.  Because of the nature of a wedding photojournalist, we don’t “set up” the confetti throw – rather, the ushers tend to organise it all.

And again, because of the way we work, we often find ourselves in amongst the action with the rest of the guests.   This is usually both challenging, but always rewarding.

As you can see from the image below I have made a picture that really is from the guest’s point of view and it’s because of its totally upstaged nature that I really do love this picture.

Jemma and Martyn are totally into the moment here and they are clearly enjoying it.  Taking the photograph in this manner yields far more rewarding results than “staging” the confetti throw and having the bride and groom stare directly at the camera.

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I hope you love this picture as much as I do.