City Centre Weddings needn’t be busy or bustling, but sometimes they are, and that’s fine too of course.

city centre weddings


We are blessed in the United Kingdom with the places brides and grooms have to choose from when it comes to organising their wedding.

Some, of course, will opt for a quiet countryside retreat, others a small church and others, a city centre wedding.

I’ve been privileged to be the wedding photographer at many weddings both here in the UK and abroad too.

When it comes to planning City Centre weddings, it’s imperative to select a photographer who will be able to work with the often more challenging logistical conditions.

I pride myself on being able to shoot weddings in any condition, and as discreet as possible.

Because I use very small, discreet cameras (in fact, I’m an official Fujifilm Ambassador) I can very easily move across big cities such as London without any need to concern you with parking requirements etc.

I’ve been shooting weddings since 2008 and I would say around a third of those have been busy City Centre Weddings.

My aim, when shooting any wedding is to give my clients a real sense of emotion and story from their wedding day.  Shooting weddings in a busy city does not mean that my philosophy changes.  In fact, I embrace city centre weddings and look forward to

Below is a selection of City Centre Weddings that I have photographed.  If you appreciate my documentary wedding photography style and would like to talk to me about your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fazeley Studios Wedding of Rose & Thomas

It was a really beautiful day at the Birmingham Wedding Venue Fazeley Studios where I shot the wedding of Rose and Thomas in the Autumn of 2016.

It was very emotional, lots of fun and well, very loving…

Take a look at their Fazeley Studio Wedding Photos to see what I mean.

Round Chapel, Hackney Wedding of Jonni & Will

Jonni and Will had a fun filled wedding at the Round Chapel, Hackney.

Take a look at their Round Chapel Hackney Wedding Photos to see what I mean.

Leighton House Museum Wedding of Hattie & Jonathan

Hattie & Jonathan had an amazing wedding with the reception, partying and dancing at the incredible Leighton House Musem.

Take a look at their Leighton House Museum Wedding Photos to see what I mean.

Museum of the Order of St John Wedding of Nadia and Gareth

It was an absolute please to photograph at the London Wedding Venue, The Museum of the Order of St. John where I shot the wedding of Nadia and Gareth in the Autumn of 2016.

It was a great ceremony and then we headed off to the famous Eigh Morgate Club for the reception.

Take a look at their Fazeley Studio Wedding Photos to see what I mean.