Candid Wedding Photography

This page features some of my recent candid wedding photography blog posts.

You can get an idea right away by looking at these posts of how I shoot weddings.

I always want my clients to remember their wedding, not remember the time spent with the photographer.

It is my passion that my clients receive candid wedding photography that genuinely tells the story of their wedding.

You can read more about my candid wedding photography style of course, and please do explore the site fully.

There is a lot of work I’m very proud of and I hope that you enjoy what you see.

Of course, even though I’m a documentary photographer, this doesn’t mean that I won’t capture those key details.

Details such as table decorations etc and I’ll happily shoot a small number of formal shots too (if you wish to have them).

So, remember, the word Candid is an adjective.

This means that all the images you see here are pure documentary images – pure candid wedding photography.

These are real moments, from real weddings.

dewsall court wedding photographer

Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer

Back in April last year I was the Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer for Kim and Paul. And what a beautiful wedding it was too.

museum of the order of st john wedding

Museum of the Order of St John Wedding and Eight Moorgate

A glorious September day for this Museum of the Order of St John Wedding of Nadia and Gavin. Followed by a reception at the beautiful London wedding venue, Eight Moorgate.

wedding at stonehenge

Druid Wedding at Stonehenge

The Druid Wedding at Stonehenge of Claire and Chris. A really beautiful early morning Handfasting Ceremony at one of England’s most treasured landmarks.

chateau de la Bourlie wedding

Jewish Chateau Wedding in The Dordogne

The gorgeous Jewish Chateau Wedding in The Dordogne of Rickie & Will. I photographed this wedding back in June and it really was a beautiful event to be at.

danesfield house wedding

Danesfield House Wedding Photographer

The beautiful Danesfield House Wedding of Sarah & Tom which I photographed last Summer.

town hall bethnall green wedding

Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green Wedding

The really lovely and intimate Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green Wedding of Andreas and Tia that I shot in July 2016.

wedding in west sussex photographer

Marquee Wedding in West Sussex

The lovely marquee wedding of Anna & Seb that I photographed on a rainy (and sunny) July day.

cripps stone barn wedding photographer

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding of Charity & Han-Rui

The gorgeous Cripps Stone Barn wedding of Charity & Han-Rui which I photographed last year.

documentary wedding photographer

Documentary Wedding Photography France ~ Emily & Paddy

The gorgeous wedding of Emily & Paddy in Jegun, South West France.

I also talk in greater depth about my passion for documentary or candid wedding photography.

Or, just immerse yourself in the candid wedding photos above.

Above all, my remit as a candid wedding photographer is to simply allow you to enjoy your day.

Above all, you’ll have great photographic memories at the end of it.

candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography


I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my featured weddings above.

This is real candid wedding photography.

So, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your wedding photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Also, don’t forget to check out my Instagram page where I share many more candid wedding photos.