Candid Photography: Image of the Week #22

Candid Photography: Image of the Week #22:  So, it’s nearly the end of the year and I’m up to Image of the Week 22.  If this was twitter, it would be attributed with the #fail tag.  Next year I have some different plans for this section of my website, which I promise will be kept up to date more often.

However, for the (probably) last post in this section of 2012 I wanted to include this very simple candid image from a wedding shot at the end of October.  There is nothing remarkable about this photograph.  In a world where we seem to have every single moment and movement captured, candidly, and shared on social media and Twitter etc, it’s actually nice to have a very simple, candid portrait opportunity.  The two lads here came and sat opposite me as I was taking a break from shooting while the guests had their meal.  I’m not known for my posed portraiture of course, but I observed the boys for a few moments and simply thought – why not?  And why not?  It’s not an award winning picture, there isn’t a massive amount of story telling going on.

I toyed with the idea of simply shooting this from the hip, as I sometimes do in situations like this with my X-Pro1.  Instead, I wanted to get them to engage a bit so I raised the camera, waited for them to look (didn’t say Cheese) and click.  Moment captured.  Nice portrait captured.  It’s simple Candid Photography.  Story….yes, it exists – there is context to this picture but in essence it’s a simple candid portrait of the two boys at a wedding.  Any of you who have attended my session at the SWPP Convention (2013 details here by the way) will know that I speak a lot about eye contact.  Eye contact between the subjects of a photo can often turn a dis-interesting photo into a beautiful photo.  With kids (and admittedly, these are older children) I like to bend the “photojournalism” rules slightly and allow them to engage with me, the photographer.

This picture is in no way posed or prompted – it is pure Candid Photography, but I wanted  to get an image of the boys engaging with me.  I like the differences of opinion that seem to be spreading across the faces.  Is there a little mischief in there somewhere?  Perhaps.

Candid Photography is pretty simple in it’s rawest sense.  You know what, I wish I had a picture like this of me and my best friend when I was a boy.

Camera:  Fujifilm X-Pro1

Lens:  35mm 1.4
Shutter: 1/500th Second
Aperture: f/1.5
ISO: 1,000
Flash: Did not fire

Candid Photography