Candid Moment – Why I love this picture

Candid Moment – why I love this picture:  Documentary wedding photography is *all about* candid moments.  There shouldn’t be anything contrived, or staged in my opinion and this is an image I’m particularly fond of.

For me, it’s full of narrative, compositionally it ticks the boxes and more importantly it’s an image that is relevant to the wedding and very relevant to the bride, groom and their families.

The elder generation at weddings always peek my interest.  I love how they wisely observe the even themselves.  Sometimes you can catch them deep in thought, possibly reminiscing about their own wedding.

I had several images of this granddad on the day, but most of them were what I would describe as simple record shots.  I often set myself a little project within a wedding day and my project for the wedding of Alex and Kate at Cripps Barn was to capture a true candid moment of the granddad.

I think it worked and I really love this picture.  I hope you do too.

Technical Details:

Camera:  Fujifilm X-Pro1
Lens: XF35mm F1.4
Focal Length:  35mm
ISO: 200
Exposure:  1/125th second at f/1.4
Flash:  Did not fire

Candid Moments