Cake Cutting! Why I love this picture

One of the questions I’m asked a lot as a documentary wedding photographer is whether I take photos of the “details” and situations like the Cake Cutting.

Well, of course, I do.  The “details” are part of your wedding, and as the person tasked with telling that story, albeit visually, it’s my duty to include it in the coverage.

I certainly won’t ask you to say “cheers” or “look at me”.  I won’t dress like a ninja and stand on a step ladder either.  But I will get the details.  It’s important to you, so it’s important to me.

My take on the traditional Cake Cutting scenario may often take a twist.  It may not always be straight on record shot but it will always tell the story…..explain, with context, what is happening.

This Cake Cutting image is one of my favourite pictures from a wedding I’m just completing the edit of.

As is often the case with this time of the day all the guests want to take photos too.  Under no circumstances do I want to take that privilege away from the guests.  They are the guests, not me and they want to get these pictures too.

I’ve heard horror stories where photographers have blocked guests taking shots during the cake cutting until “THE photographer” is finished.  I think that’s crazy personally.  The event is there as a celebration, it’s woven into the fabric of British wedding history and it should be shared with the guests – not taken away from them.

To this end, I’ll sometimes find myself ducking and weaving around.  I’ll nearly always get a couple of shots at this point but this one hit me as soon as I pressed the shutter.

You know what?  It’s not the “moment” of cutting the cake here that speaks to me.  It’s in touch.  The touch between Emma and Nathan that I love here.

Obviously, I’ve got down very low.  Emma and Nathan are facing their guests – but I’m concentrating on the cutting of the cake (as the context) but there is a human bond here – and it’s all part of touch.