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A new life – Why I love this picture

I can’t quite believe its been way over a year now since Agata and Rob asked me to photograph the caesarian birth of their gorgeous daughter, Maja.

I think, given time to reflect, this has to be one of the proudest moments for me, as a photographer.

Of course, for Agata & Rob it marked the commencement of the next stage in their life, and it is a huge stage.

Since Maja was born, I’ve spent more time with the family shooting a day in the life and I’m really looking forward to shooting with them again in a few weeks.

Back to the picture below;  I don’t believe any form of preparation can actually prepare you to be a witness at such an event.  I’ve been present, of course, at the birth of both of my own children but to be asked to be present, to witness, to record and photograph at someone else’s child’s birth is both humbling and to a certain extent challenging.

I think, considering the 300+ weddings I’ve photographed, and bearing in mind of course this isn’t a wedding photograph, it is the picture I’m most proud of to date in my photographic journey.

Shot with the deadly silent Fujifilm X100S I really hope this image helps Rob, Agata and Maja to bear witness to the fact that this really was, the very first moment of a life.

A life that is now bouncing and beautiful.

This photograph makes me feel proud, but also makes me feel incredibly tiny in the grand scheme of the everyday things that happen all around the world, every second of every day.

If you want to see the whole Photofilm of the Caesarian birth, I’ve added it under the stills.  Just press play, turn the sound up and I suggest putting the player to full screen.

Ceasarian birth photograph