Belly Laughs

Why I love this Wedding Photograph

What is it about laughing that is so contagious?

Take this image I shot recently when I was the Langley Park Wedding Photographer for Holly and Henry.

This photo was taken during the (often emotional) speeches.

In this particular case, Henry was giving the speech in the lovely library at Langley Priory.

I fail to remember the actual joke, but I definitely remember the reactions.

Proper belly laughs – the ones only your aunties and uncles or mums and dads can do when they reminisce about your childhood.

Because I shoot as a documentary wedding photographer, I love to see these lovely moments unfold in front of my lens.

Wedding Photos, like all photos, are created not only as a snapshot of the time but also as a catalyst for nostalgia in the future.

It’s a real pleasure and a joy to be able to capture memories like this for my clients.

No posing, no prompting and certainly no “say cheese” moments.

I love this photo, and I hope you do too.

laughter at a wedding

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