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Asian Wedding Photofilm ~ Amy & Seva

Amy & Seva's Asian Wedding

Day One

“When I get married, Kevin, I’m having you to photograph it!”

That’s what Amy said to me when I was photographing her sisters wedding a few years ago.

And, so, fast forward to 2015 and Amy’s prophecy came true, and I photographed her wedding too.  The first part of Kajal and Nik’s Indian Wedding all those years ago was also at the family home in a small village near Cheltenham and it was here that I found myself, once again, shooting day one of Amy and Seva’s two day wedding.

And what a blast it was.

Amy and Kajal’s family are so welcoming and it was a real pleasure to meet up with them again.

The wedding was in two parts, and I will be blogging the Sikh element of the wedding in due course.  I’ll also be blogging some stills from this wedding separately too, but for now, I’d like to show the whole story through the Asian Wedding Photofilm below.

The weather wasn’t particularly great, but it had no effect what-so-ever on what was a glorious celebration and ceremony.

I’m a storyteller, and I use pictures to tell those stories.  As such, Asian Weddings see me in my element as they are so multi dimensional, obviously very culturally different to western weddings, but above all, there is “always” something happening to shoot.

The day begins with Seva being drummed towards the Mandap before Amy makes her arrival.

Once the ceremony is complete, Amy and Seva make a rather tearful departure and head to London….where the next stage of the wedding took place two days later.

So here is the Asian Wedding Photofilm of Amy & Seva.  I really hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share via social media or leave a comment below should you wish.

PS – it might be worth turning the sound UP

Hi Kevin.

I AM SPEECHLESS. WOW WOW WOW. I am going to have to give you a call later, as I don’t feel I can say what I want to say on e-mail.

You amazing human being !!!!!! The funky photo film also….I am touched – thank you SO MUCH FOR EVEYRTHING. Absolutely thrilled.


– Amy

Amy & Seva’s Asian Wedding Photofilm (day one):

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