2012 Kevin Mullins – Wedding Photographer Showreel

The secret diary of a wedding photographer….So, here we are again.  Amazing.  It’s January, 2013 already and I’m about to publish my show reel of favorite images from last year.  I honestly can’t believe how quick last year went.  I photographed 40 weddings throughout the year and I’d like to thank each and every one of those clients for their support and business.  I wish you all the very best futures together.

2013 is looking busy too.  I’m nearly three quarters fully booked with some amazing weddings scheduled in throughout the year.

Being a wedding photographer gets a lot of bad press, but I can honestly say it’s a very cool job.  I work bloody hard as a wedding photographer and I know that my clients appreciate the results.  The reportage style that I shoot in, of course, is not to everyone’s tastes and I fully appreciate that.

However, for me, an image needs to captivate me and move me.  When I shoot my weddings I’m constantly looking for those precious moments, the little look, the touch, the feel and the unexpected is often at the extremes of the composition.  I genuinely believe an ordinary picture can be made into a spectacular capture with just the slightest shift of the eyes, or the movement of a little finger.

When you look through this slideshow, keep that in mind, watch for those moments, the eye contact and the love and emotion that hopefully has been captured.  As a reportage wedding photographer I’m often asked “what about the details!!!”….they are there, in context of course but it’s so very important to me that I capture those wonderful tiny moments, candidly and without interference.

None of these wedding photographs are staged or directed.  It’s observation without orchestration.

Please, as always, feel free to share on social media (ah, go on….you know you want to) and I’ve enabled comments below should you wish to ask any questions.  I’ll reply to them all.

Relax, turn the sound up and let me know what you think in 8 and half minutes time.

PS – You can still see the 2011 Wedding Photographer Showreel

The above are all in Black and White, but of course I shoot a great deal of colour images too and I will be putting some more slideshows online soon exploring colour images more.


Some more images from the portfolio

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17 thoughts on “Wedding Photographer – A 2012 Photofilm

  1. Beautiful work Kevin! You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing and the all the best for an even better 2013 season.

  2. So many great images – you’ve had a fantastic year! Beautiful composition and timing throughout, lovely.

  3. Nik White

    Nice work Kevin. Here’s to a great 2013 for weddings!

  4. Kevin, fantastic work, wonderful mooments caught forever. I especially love the image of the proud dad looking at his daughter and future son in law.

  5. As always, a stunning set of images and what looks like a superb year. Moments captured in such a classical manner without intrusion. Magical.

    • Kevin Mullins

      Thanks John.

  6. Lovely summary of a good year, Kevin. Your B&Ws are so atmospheric.

  7. Kevin, You had a great year ! Pictures are very emotional. True moments captured. Have watched it twice :) Also i like the brown like BW effect.

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  9. Amazing! The reportage style is deceptively difficult but the results are so natural and beautiful. Here’s to an even better 2013!

  10. Hi! I love your photos! Do you take all of your photos using fujifilm cameras?

  11. Lovely photography. Your timing is exquisite and the tones in you pictures takes my breath away.
    Well done.

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